Course program

Program of Lectures for the PhD in Neurobiology
Academic year 2016-2017

  • PhD coordinator: Vincent Torre (
  • Course organizer: Manuela Schipizza Lough (
  • Program assistant: Manuela Schipizza Lough (

List of Courses: November-December 2016, January-February 2017


Module 1: Neurophysiology and Neurobiology



John Nicholls

Introduction to Neuroscience

Anna Menini

Sensory systems: chemical senses

Enrico Cherubini

Synaptic transmission

Vincent Torre

Basic electrophysiology

Vincent Torre

Ion channels

Andrea Nistri

Electrophysiological Monitoring of Neuronal Activity

Elsa Fabbretti

 Protein Analysis


Module 2: Nanotechnology and Photonics



Laura Ballerini

Nanotools for Neuroscience

Marco Lazzarino

Atomic Force Microscopy: Introduction and applications in mechanobiology

Dan Cojoc

Optical microscopy and other techniques

Loredana Casalis

Advanced AFM imaging

Silvia Onesti

Structural Biology


Module 3: Technical courses (microscopy, safety, cell cultures, etc.)



Micaela Grandolfo

Microscopy techniques

  • Practical demonstrations (students will be divided into groups)

Micaela Grandolfo


Massimo Righi

Beatrice Pastore


Jessica Franzot

Cell and tissue cultures

  • Primary and organotypic cultures (Righi)
  • Basic techniques in cell cultures (Ferrero)
  • Practical demonstrations (students will be divided into groups)
  •  Western Blot - practical demonstrations (students)

Tullio Bigiarini

Safety in the Lab over the Biological and Chemical Risk

Andrea Tomicich

Information Technology Systems of the Neuroscience Area


Discussion leader


Andrea Nistri

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