Course program

Program of Lectures for the PhD in Neurobiology
Academic year 2019-2020

  • PhD coordinator: Anna Menini ( 

List of Courses (for first year students): 

Neurophysiology and Neurobiology



Anna Menini

Sensory Systems: Chemical senses (21 Nov-30 Jan)

 Vincent Torre

Electrophysiology and Ionic Channels (21 Nov-29 Jan)

Giuliano Taccola

Neural Control of Locomotion (29-31 Jan)

Michele Giugliano

Computational Neurobiology (17-21 Feb)

Paul Heppenstall Molecular Neurobiology (27 Nov-31 Jan)


Nanotechnology and Photonics



Laura Ballerini

Nanotools for Neuroscience (16-24 Jan)

Dan Cojoc

Advanced Optical Microscopy and Manipulation (13-17 Jan)

Loredana Casalis

AFM imaging: Principles and Applications in Neurobiology (13-17 Jan)

Silvia Onesti

Structural Biology (22 Nov)


Technical courses (microscopy, safety, cell cultures, etc.) (4-22 Nov)



Micaela Grandolfo

Microscopy techniques

  • Practical demonstrations (students will be divided into groups)

Micaela Grandolfo


Micaela Grandolfo

Fluorescence techniques

Beatrice Pastore


Federica Ferrero

Cell cultures

  • Practical demonstrations

Beatrice Pastore

Primary cultures: dissociated and organotypic cultures

Andrea Tomicich

Information Technology Systems of the Neuroscience Area

Erik Zorzin

Introduction to Electronics



Discussion leader


To be Announced To be Announced


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All lectures will be given in room 04, unless otherwise indicated. 


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Sensory Systems: Chemical Senses

Instructor: Anna Menini Amount of frontal teaching: 15 hours »

Sensory Systems: Auditory and Somatosensory Senses

Instructor: Simone Pifferi Amount of frontal teaching: 6 hours »


Electrophysiology and Ionic Channels

Instructor: Vincent Torre Amount of frontal teaching: 15 hours »


Neural Control of Locomotion

Instructor: Giuliano Taccola Amount of frontal teaching: 15 hours »


Computational Neurobiology

Instructor: Michele Giugliano Amount of frontal teaching: 15 hours »

Molecular Neurobiology

Instructor: Paul Heppenstall Amount of frontal teaching: 15 hours »


Nanotools for Neuroscience

Instructor: Laura Ballerini Amount of frontal teaching: 15 hours »

Advanced Optical Microscopy and Manipulation

Instructor: Dan Cojoc Amount of frontal teaching: 15 hours »


AFM imaging: Principles and Application in Neurobiology

Instructor: Loredana Casalis Amount of frontal teaching: 15 hours »


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