Spinal cord: circuits and regeneration

Spinal injury is produced by traumatic and nontraumatic causes that often induce long-term disability. This research line investigates the pathological processes responsible for cell loss in the spinal cord.

Functional mechanisms of neural networks in the spinal cord

Using electrophysiological techniques which allow recording of bioelectrical activity from single neurons as well as from clusters of neurons, we study how sensorial information of a painful nature is progressively reinforced, thus generating persistent pain (Andrea Nistri's lab) »


Nanostructured bio-synthetic scaffolds and spinal networks

This project aims to exploit new concepts to obtain biomaterials for nerve tissue engineering. The goal is to develop a new generation of multifunctional implantable materials targeted to the treatment/repair of spinal cord lesion (Laura Ballerini's lab) »


Neurophysiology and neuropharmacology of the spinal cord

The main scientific goal is to identify new experimental strategies to activate the CPG, in a perspective to propose new therapeutic interventions for the functional recovery of standing posture and deambulation after spinal cord injury (Giuliano Taccola's lab ON SABBATICAL LEAVE) »


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