Ion channels in health and disease

Ion channels are key molecules for signal transduction across biological membranes. This research area explores the role of ion channels in health and neurodegenerative diseases.

Calcium-activated chloride channels

We use the patch-clamp technique combined with site-specific mutagenesis, immunohistochemistry and computational studies to understand the physiological role of these channels in sensory systems.(Anna Menini's lab)»


Properties of cyclic nucleotide gated ionic channels

We are using site specific mutagenesis combined with patch clamp electrical recordings to characterize electrical properties of cyclic nucleotide gated channels (Vincent Torre's lab)  »


Molecular neuroscience of motoneuron disease: insights into pathology and protection mechanisms

We study the potential involvement in motoneuron progressive degeneration of microglia-synaptic cross-talk (Laura Ballerini's lab)»


Biology of Pain

Our work aims to delineate the biochemical pathways downstream of ATP sensing in neuronal and glial cell models, with a special emphasis on validation of new interfering methods using the last generation of drug-targeting approaches.»


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