Taccola et al., 2020 4

2020 - Experimental Neurology., Volume 327, May 2020, 113246 | https://doi.org/10.1016/j.expneurol.2020.113246

Acute neuromodulation restores spinally-induced motor responses after severe spinal cord injury

Taccola G, Gad P, Culaclii S, Wang PM, Liu W, Edgerton VR.

Epidural electrical spinal stimulation can facilitate recovery of volitional motor control in individuals that have been completely paralyzed for more than a year. We recently reported a novel neuromodulation method named Dynamic Stimulation (DS), which short-lastingly increased spinal excitability and generated a robust modulation of locomotor networks in fully-anesthetized intact adult rats. In the present study, we applied repetitive DS patterns to four lumbosacral segments acutely after a contusive injury at lumbar level. Repetitive DS delivery restored the spinally-evoked motor EMG responses that were previously suppressed by a calibrated spinal cord contusion. Sham experiments without DS delivery did not allow any spontaneous recovery. Thus, DS uniquely provides the potential for a greater long-term functional recovery after paralysis.


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