Martinelli, 2012

2012 - NanoLetters 2012, 12(4), 1831−1838

Carbon nanotubes promote growth and spontaneous electrical activity in cultured cardiac myocytes.

Valentina Martinelli, Giada Cellot, Francesca Maria Toma, Carlin Long, John Caldwell, Lorena Zentilin, Mauro Giacca, Antonio Turco, Maurizio Prato, Laura Ballerini, Luisa Mestroni.


Nanoscale manipulations of the extracellular microenvironment are increasingly attracting attention in tissue engineering. Here, combining microscopy, biological, and single-cell electrophysiological methodologies, we demonstrate that neonatal rat ventricular myocytes cultured on substrates of multiwall carbon nanotubes interact with carbon nanotubes by forming tight contacts and show increased viability and proliferation. Furthermore, we observed changes in the electrophysiological properties of cardiomyocytes, suggesting that carbon nanotubes are able to promote cardiomyocyte maturation.


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