Deumens, 2013

2013 - Neuroscience 2013,229:155-63.

Early hyperexcitability of distal dorsal horn networks after experimental focal lesion of the rat spinal cord in vitro.

Deumens R, Mazzone GL, Taccola G.


Hyperexcitability of dorsal horn neurons has been shown to play a key role in neuropathic pain following chronic experimental spinal cord injury. With a neonatal in vitro spinal cord injury model, we show that a chemically-induced lesion leads to rapid gain-of-function of sublesional dorsal horn networks biased to hyperexcitation. The expression of the GABA synthetic enzyme GAD65 was significantly reduced at the same level of the spinal cord, suggesting a compromised inhibitory system. We propose that our model could be useful to test early approaches to contrast spinal cord injury-induced central sensitization of dorsal horn circuits.


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