Cojoc 2010

2010 - Applied Physics Letters 2010, 97, 244101 (3pp)

Local x-ray structure analysis of optically manipulated biological micro-objects

D. Cojoc, H. Amenitsch, E. Ferrari, S. C. Santucci, B. Sartori, M. Rappolt, B. Marmiroli, M. Burghammer and C. Riekel


X-ray diffraction using micro- and nanofocused beams is well suited for nanostructure analysis at different sites of a biological micro-object. To conduct in vitro studies without mechanical contact, we developed object manipulation by optical tweezers in a microfluidic cell. Here we report x-ray microdiffraction analysis of a micro-object optically trapped in three dimensions. We revealed the nanostructure of a single starch granule at different points and investigated local radiation damage induced by repeated x-ray exposures at the same position, demonstrating high stability and full control of the granule orientation by multiple optical traps.


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